The Weaker Section Welfare Association (WESWA) was founded in 1995 by a spirited team of social workers hailing from Viralimalai, Pudukkottai District of Tamil Nadu, India. Their activities in the rehabilitation of the weaker section came into legal existence in 1995 as a service-oriented trust with registration No. 311/95.

Since its inception the WESWA Trust has been actively engaged in eradicating child labour and commercial sex from the Viralimalai area.

Primarily an agricultural area, Pudukkottai District has been rapidly denuded of its natural vegetation, resulting in the entire locality becoming parched most of the year. These poor climatic conditions have eroded the economy of the area and reduced its people to penury.

Stop child labour
Learn about our 2012 project to provide quality education to 80 Dalit ('untouchable') girls like these of rural Viralimalai. See the project description.

With industrialisation of the district, child labour in sweatshops has become a common practice, with adults taking up the better positions in industry. Poorer womenfolk have taken to commercial sex, owing to the industrial employees working far from their home villages.

Lack of family planning and education has become the bane of society in Pudukkottai District. Illiteracy has played a crucial role in the promotion of child labour and prostitution.

WESWA Trust regards these problems as the fundamental challenge facing society -- eradicating illiteracy and increasing educational and employment opportunities for the disadvantaged sector of society.